The Liberty Leather Card Holder

This handmade genuine leather Liberty Card Holder is made from high-quality vegetable-tanned leather and features 4 card slots, which can be held some cash too.
Completely hand-stitched, It's the perfect Card Holder for professionals looking for a stylish and functional way to carry their essentials.

Price: ৳650

Color: Brown

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    Product Feature

    • 3 Dedicated card slot
    • 1 Slot can hold card and some cash.
    • Primary card slot has thumb assist to easy release card.
    • Compact design to easily hold in hand and pocket
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    Material In Used

    • Vegetable Tanned Leather
    • Waxed Polyester Thread
    • Tokonole Burnishing Gum
    • Neoprene Leather Adhesive
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    Tools In Used

    • Round Punch Pricking Iron
    • Scratch Awl
    • Wings Divider
    • Stitching Pony
    • Niddles
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    Caring Instruction

    • Keep handmade leather goods away from direct sunlight and extreme heat to prevent fading and damage.
    • Regularly moisturize leather with a high-quality conditioner to maintain its suppleness and prevent cracks.
    • Avoid exposing leather items to water or damp conditions; use a dry, clean cloth to wipe off any spills or moisture immediately.
    • Store leather goods in a cool, dry place and stuff them with tissue paper to help maintain their shape when not in use.
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  • "Sayed Ahmed"

    Highly recommended for everyone solid leather fully satisfaction after buy their wallet the most important thing that i loved the fragrant which is coming out their wallet🌹


  • "Sarker Kamraz"

    I really like their long wallet. The leather quality and design is truly exceptional. It looks like it has been made with care. The price is also reasonable. Best wishes to them.


  • Mehedi Ahk Sourav

    Amazing quality products in reasonable price. Seller is very responsive with good communication skills. I will order more. Highly recommended.


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